In Memory of my Mom

I wanted to share this today, because Fridays are such busy days for me and I'm thinking of her today.  Maybe Friday will be a good day and I will think of the fun times, not the bad.  Like I always say, "So glad to have had the dance!"
Another year has passed, and I don't miss my mom any less.  Isn't it strange that you start re-living that time ?  I hate that, but I do like all the good times I remember with her...too many to remember at one time.  I guess as long as I have this blog, you will see these  things...remembering my mama & daddy.  The following was written in 2009...If you have any good memories of her, comment...let me know the fun times you might have had with her.

Phyllis Elmore Dickerson Nelson 1938-1998

She was always “mom” to my sister’s & I’s friends. She was more like “one of the girls”. Which wasn’t always a good thing for her to be. But she was always fun for us to be around and loved our friends.

I loved the times I spent with her. We liked to do crafts. We cross stitched and sewed. At one time we worked for a lady that groomed dogs. Mom & I made Dog Bows…10 cents apiece. We created them and made some that were really cute and different.  If mom didn’t have 2-3 craft projects to work on, something was definitely wrong.  She also crocheted. She tried to teach me, but with her being left-handed and me being right-handed, I didn’t learn very much of it. Now I wish I had.

I used to (up until she died) hold hands with her. I loved her hands. They were strong, soft and loving. I miss her hands.

We would travel together. We had such good times. My grandparents lived in Nebraska and we’d take road trips. We always took Fried chicken and cheese and grapes, candy, chips ….I would drive and she would get our lunch ready and  feed it to me….not actually “feed” but make sure it was all at my fingertips.  We also took several trips to my sister, Lori’s, in Arkansas to visit her family.

I was in Nebraska with her when he father died. That was a hard trip. I was there for 2 weeks and got a ride home with my sisters, while she stayed for a while longer. I hated to leave her, but I was so homesick for my husband. She was such a strong, independent woman.

She was so organized. Boxes, containers and making sure everything had a place. It was funny because as organized as she was, she was always looking for something.

I like to think of what she may look like now, 12 14 years later. She would be 71 73 years old. I wonder what she would look like as an old lady.

My sister, Kim, just reminded me that she also had the best hugs & kisses and the softest lips.  She never cleaned her glasses. I also remember that she never dusted..her famous words, “Why should I? It will just get dusty again”. I would write in it.  I once gave her a plaque that I now have on my wall,…”you can touch the dust, but please, don’t write in it!” (I’m not as bad as she was about dusting, though!)

The last time I spent with her, I had planned a trip to Arkansas to see my sister. I was looking forward to some “alone” time driving the 6 hours by myself.  Mom just kind of invited herself and came with me. We had such a great time and I’m so glad she went with me, because about 1-1/2 weeks later she was gone.

Please take the time to LOVE your parents.  AND YOUR KIDS, you never know when they won’t be there. I had GREAT times with my mom, but I sure wish I had ALOT more!!




Caleb's Pirate Picture

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I have already planned a vacation, for his b-day, to this place and it would be great to get FREE tickets AND a “Goody Bag”.

I would appreciate all votes and would gladly oblige if you ever need a vote!


My Dad

  My Dad…

This post was originally written 1-31-11.  From now until eternity, if you read my blog, you will probably see this post.

My dad, Bill, died   9  years ago, Jan. 31, 2003. Needless to say, this is a very hard day for me and my sisters….nieces, nephews…bonus mom, daughters and sons, bonus Sons & Daughters…even my husband and brother-in-laws, nephew-in-laws, even some friends called him Dad……he was very loved.

I loved him dearly. In the later years of his life we became the best of friends. I talked to him EVERY day and he thought LM hung the moon. I lived 60 miles from him and went to see him almost weekly with LM.  Of course, LM doesn’t remember him, but I will never forget. He had severe heart trouble the last 25 years of his life and still was so close to his kids, grandkids and neighbors.

I know this will sound weird, but I listen to the recording of his funeral every now and then.  One of my “bonus” daughters sang at the funeral…I have posted about her here… and the other one read a poem he wanted read.

 One of his neighbors told a story at the funeral that Dad was always trying to make his yard look the best in the neighborhood.  Chris (the neighbor) visited one day and dad told him he wasn’t going to fertilize that year….Chris was like, “Really?…blah blah blah”… and as he walked off he felt the fertilizer crunching beneath his shoes. He turned around and dad gave him that sheepish little smile……

 Dad was a great person. I miss him so much.

But I can always smile because I have such great memories of him….

I’m so glad to have had the dance!!

My dad taught me good values and morals. 

We laughed a lot.


He was the best cook.

Go to this post if you want to hear more about my wonderful dad….and pictures!

The pictures below are of my dad and my mom on their wedding day in 1955,

  the other is of his wife (Carol, my “Bonus” mom, who is still a VERY dear friend to me)

 at his 60th B-day party in 1998….


I am SOOO blessed to have had him for my Dad 40 years of my life!

Dad, we ALL miss you so much!

Some Fun Facts About Me

A few things you may or may not know about me….

  1. I helped my husband build our whole house from the ground up…and we still LIKE each other! 
  2. I can do electrical work
  3. I can tile a floor, wall and backplash.
  4. My husband told me if I wanted a telephone when we started building the house that I would have to dig the trench for the cable and wire the house for the phones…so I did!
  5. I used to be scared of a lot of things, ie: spiders, snakes, mice…. now I just deal with them…I don’t really LIKE them, but what’re you gonna do??
  6. I would LOVE to be funny on my blog, but it just doesn’t come out right, makes me sound like a sarcastic smart***.
  7. My parents are both gone..I was 35 when my mom died and 40 when my dad died….I miss them terribly.
  8. I was 38 when my son was born.
  9. Hobbies: Cross stitch, crafts, jigsaw puzzles, Games on my iphone…wanna play WORDS or HANGING with me??  Comment on here and we’ll get in touch!
  10. I can vegetables and hang clothes on a clothesline.
  11. I recycle cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin cans and glass.
  12. I like football…and dolphins.

This is making me sound like I am bragging….let me think of some not so good things…

  1. I don’t like to clean house and do laundry, but I DO…my house is usually clean, but not always PICKED UP,
  2. DUSTING…argh!!…I get this from my mom…her motto was, “why dust? it’s only going to get dusty AGAIN”.  I gave her a plaque that said “You can touch the dust, but please don’t WRITE in it”…it is now hanging on my wall.
  3. I HATE cleaning the refrigerator..I guess this is why my husband is always taking things out of it…then leaving them on the counter for ME to deal with…ugh!
  4. I don’t excersise like I should.
  5. I have high cholesterol that I am always thinking about and trying to lower…but not always successful!  I like too many fattening foods!
  6. I’m not a big DOG person, but LOVE cats.  I DO have dogs and I’m the one that gives them meds and takes them to the vet’s, make sure they have water…so it’s not like I hate them.
  7. I’m on the computer/iPhone too much…but I don’t watch much TV.

Tell me something I may not know about YOU!!

News Years!

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My blog the last year

This is pretty neat…Wordpress sent this to me and I thought I would pass it on to you.

Thank you to all that have read and commented on my blog this year!!

I love ya!

My Blog in 2011  (click here to see)

I plan to run a giveaway soon………………stay tuned!!

Hanukkah and New Years!!!

Hi!!  Hope you all are recovering nicely from the last week.  We decided to do Hanukkah at the last-minute and ended up enjoying it.  LM read the scripture after lighting the candle each night and he did a great job.  We exchanged a few presents..I got a DOLPHIN TALE movie from LM.  He’s a very thoughtful little guy!  I also got “A day at the Spa” from my wonderful husband.

Here is a picture of our Menorah on the 8th night….(last night)

We had company for 3 nights.  My bonus son and his 2 boys ages 10 and 12.  They live in California and we haven’t seen them in almost 3 years.  It was a nice visit.  I sure hope we get to see them in less than three years next time!  Here is a pic of my boy with them  LM is their Uncle! He’s the one in the middle…I hope to compare pictures as they get older and see who gets to be the tallest/biggest.  They are all quite handsome, don’t ya think??

Now I am getting all geared up for a New Years Eve party for the other 4 grandchildren and LM.  2 granddaughters, ages 14 and 15 (almost 15 & 16), and two grandsons ages 12 and 10. I am planning Hamburgers, snacks, Sparkling Grape Juice, Fireworks, Glow Sticks, Firepit, Badminton, trampoline, Fourwheel rides and FUN FUN FUN. I think the weather is going to cooperate, too!   I wrote something similar to this last paragraph on facebook. Someone suggested a tent. I informed them that I have a grandson that doesn’t even like that we LIVE in the woods, I sure don’t think he’d SLEEP outside in them!

Of course, grandpa/daddio will make his famous wheat pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning.

I want our grandkids to remember fun times like I do with my grandparents and cousins.

 I am excited!

Do you have fun times that you remember from younger days??

I have been on the phone all morning…trying to find a new trampoline (IN STOCK), a new Four Wheeler tire (IN STOCK) and Kosher marshmalllows…Since we eat Kosher, I don’t believe I will be able to do s’mores, I   Kosher marshmallows ordered online in time and I can’t find them anywhere locally.  😦

Now, I need to decide what I need from the grocery store…..this is costing more that I thought it would….  🙂

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