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Hi!  Well, wouldn’t you know, today I’m in the mood to write, but can’t think of anything to write about.

How are your garden’s doing?  My husband’s is looking GREAT. We have eaten asparagus, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes and cabbage & strawberries thus far. I say my HUSBAND’s garden, but really, I am working in it more this year than in the past. I’ve always said, he plants and takes care of it and then I can and freeze when it comes in the house…

Do you preserve stuff from your garden for the winter? I do. My sister does, but I don’t know many other people who do.  I have frozen Peas and Broccoli so far this year (in vacuum bags).  In a month or so I will be very busy canning tomatoes and green beans.  I will also be making Sauerkraut in a week or so. I’ll can it if I have enough.

I have even planted and revamped my flower gardens this year.  2 years ago I had tennis elbow in the spring and just couldn’t do anything and last year it got HOT really quickly so they were looking pretty awful. Well, since I had no GOOD excuse this year, I HAD to do something!  I am very pleased with the way they are looking.

Do you remember me talking about the Water Balloon fight we had last year on Father’s Day?  You can see some pics here. We’ve decided to do it again this year, we are calling it the “2nd Water Balloon Extravaganza”!  My birthday is June 19th and Father’s Day is always the Sunday before. We have invited our kids and grandkids.  We all had a lot of fun last year!

We used to have a big July 4th party, but it’s been so stinkin hot the last few years, we decided last year we would do something in June instead.  It ended up being about 105 degrees.  Oh well, it wast JUST RIGHT for a water balloon fight! One of my grandsons said, “It was the best party EVER”! I think that was because he got to throw water balloons at mom, dad, cousins and sister, aunt, uncles and grandma & grandpa.

Caleb and I are going to try out a new water park. It is called Andy’s Alligator.  We have plans to buy season passes to White Water Bay, but now we’re not sure.  Have you all been? The one in Norman, OK just opened this month.

Hope you are all safe from the storms last night in Oklahoma.  We barely got a thing, but the metro had very LARGE hail and VERY HIGH winds.  Lots of power outages. We need rain, but not the damage!

Are you all bored to tears now?? DID you get to the end? WHEW! Thanks for sticking with me.

Have a great WEEK!!


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Yes, I made smoothies on the coldest day of the season.

We never got above freezing today. 

Why do I make smoothies on cold days? 

My guys like them and we always have them in the freezer.

So make some today and ENJOY!


Fruit Smoothies


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Wow, let’s see if I can remember how to do this.  I DID remember my username and password!  I wasn’t sure I would! YEA!!! I thought Jonna may be tired of her picture being on the front page.  🙂

We have had so much going on but nothing to interesting to write about.

We got a kitten and named her Dolly. 

She is very sweet and affectionate to the dismay of DH. 

 He wants a cat for a “mouser”–NOT a pet!  It’s funny when she climbs on his lap for a rub. 

Weather has cooled down…that’s the best thing that has happened in a while. We’ve had a little rain, but not near as much as we need, in fact we are in a HIGH RISK fire danger today and tomorrow.  Wednesday we may get rain and much cooler temps for a few days. Week end looks BEAUTIFUL!

My husband has kept some of the garden alive, we are still picking squash, okra, watermelon and tomatoes.  We didn’t get any squash this summer, but now they are producing.  Might have frost this week so it will pretty much be history after that.  Oh, I dried some Basil yesterday, too.  Amazing how 5 dehydrator trays make 1- 2 cups of dried basil. 

I made a BIG pot roast last week and after 1 leftover meal, we decided to freeze small portions with gravy (Brown package type) and put into vacuum bags. I think my DH (Dear Husband) will enjoy these with leftover potatoes and bread for those cold blustery days he doesn’t want to go get lunch on work days.

We tried the Bertolli Soup that’s found in the Frozen section of the grocery store the other night. It is really good. I will add some veggies and maybe lentils the next time we eat it.  It is a really fast and easy dinner.  A little garlic bread on the side and voila…dinner. this was the best “pre-made” soup I’ve ever tried.

  Have you seen PINTEREST?  My sister invited me. It looks like fun, but I’m still figuring it out.  I tried to put the app on my iphone, but it’s not working very well.  It always says that I am “timed out”…what’s up with that?   

Speaking of iPhones…have you tried the games…Words with Friends or Hanging, what about Crossfingers or Unblock Me.

 They are alot of fun!  Let me know if you like tham. 

Want to play a game with me?  Comment or send me an email.

Did I tell you I am teaching a Holocaust History Class?   I’ve never taught High School students, but I think it’s going okay. We all are learning.

Homeschooling my son is going good. He’s a great student and learns pretty fast. 

Well, that’s all for now.  Hope to see you soon, but I can’t promise anything!

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Long hot summer

Remember this girl?? 

This is my niece Jonna.  I have talked about her before. Her mom (my sister), Jonna and I go on “Girl’s Getaways” most every year. They live in Arkansas and this year they came to my house. She has 2 beautiful daughters and LM is great friends with them. I had pictures of them on here, not too long ago. She is a great mom, wife and PERSON….. ANYWAY…today is her BIRTHDAY!!


  I love you!

I will never forget being in my 6th grade math class when a girl walked in and told me that I was an AUNT, (for the first time).

I have other nieces, Mandi, Sara and Lesslie and they are just as special, I just happen to be writing a post today is why I mentioned this one. Their b-days are April 15, August 14 and July 5. (I hope I remember that right!)  :-/ And they are great moms and PEOPLE, too!

Well, it’s still HOT. They expect to have another record-breaking day tomorrow–108°. We’ve set a record of  50+ days at 100° or more this summer. Our record was 50 days set in 1980.

 I think Fall will be here soon. I’m really looking forward to it this year. Although, I have handled the heat well.

 My DH cooks outside 6-7 nights a week and I’m always out there with him. He cooks, I get it prepared, help take outdoors and bring indoors and “fetch” whatever we forgot. We have a gas stove that reminds me of the old “camping cook stoves”. It is on legs and has much bigger burners, though. We have a gas grill and a “Oiless Turkey Fryer” by Charbroil.  All these things make it easier to cook outside. It’s one of the ways we keep out electricity bill down.  We also have entry ways, don’t cook in the house and hang clothes to dry. My husband is always unplugging the toaster, can opener and stuff, too…which is annoying! It has stayed pretty cool inside, I guess it’s where your priorities lie, we can sacrifice for our cool…I like to be cool when I sleep!!   I think our largest electric bill this summer was $160 something.  We have an average sized house.  What is the highest your bill has been??  I’ve heard alot of people saying they have been outrageous!  I also know many people who have had to get their A/C’s fixed.  I hope we can get by until FALL…

Our ponds are really sad looking…I think I could walk across one without it hitting far above my ankles. Alot of our perennials are dead, I think.  So many trees have already turned brown. We are hoping they’ve just gone dormant to protect themselves.

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We live in Oklahoma.

 They are saying we will probably have severe storms today.

We always put a few things in our bathroom (ahead of time) in case we need to take shelter, this is where we would go.  Have you got your tornado shelter ready? This is a list of the things I have thought of…can you think of something I need to add??

  • CASH  (you may need a hotal room, food, transportation)
  • Candles
  • matches (preferably in a water tight bag)
  • change of clothes, SHOES
  • LM’s helmet
  • Blankets
  • first aid kit
  • WATER/ snacks
  • Purse/billfold….ID for you, your spouse and your children
  • cell phone (& charger)
  • LAPTOP!  

I have faith in my creator that bad things won’t happen. You always need to be prepared, though.  I’m sure there are people in Joplin, MO that felt the same way. 

Just be prepared…what can it hurt??

I have a 3 ring binder with emergency info in it that I put in there also.

  • It has relatives/friends phones numbers. I think my husband/rescue workers would have a hard time knowing who to call in case of emergency.  If something happened to me/us…they would not know how to get in touch with my sisters/our family and friends. This way, it is all in one place.
  • Medical information
  • Directions to our house….for babysitters or rescue workers to tell someone how to get here. We live in the boonies!
  • Info on where to find insurance, copies of DL and social security numbers.

 I also have some “not so important” stuff in there, like

  • state reps and congressman emails/phone numbers
  • A type of Journal for  meal planning on Holy days.
  • A page for anyone that may come to sit with LM…directions to our house, emergency phone numbers & our cell numbers….

These not so important things are things I want to remember and this way I know where I put them. A great way to organize these things.

I also have a little metal lock box with copies of our Driver’s Licenses, social security cars, birth certificates, land deeds, Insurance forms and credit card info in it.  These, I take to the shelter, too. 

And I take them ahead of time…


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I KNOW I can’t believe it’s been almost a month. 

I don’t do Easter anymore.  I DO know Yahshua was crucified for us and I DO know he was resurrected from the tomb but we celebrate Passover and the Week of Unleavened Bread. One of the 7 feasts in the Bible.  Anyway, I think of my family and when I was young on holidays and just want to share this cute pic that was taken about 40 years ago…I love the gloves!   (I’m the youngest, in the middle). My oldest sister is on the right and my other sister is on the left.  

 I LOVE my sisters!

I have been getting ready for that vacation that I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about!  It is one week away.  I got a tip this week, too.  I am going to send snacks in the mail or UPS or something to our hotel. That way we won’t spend a FORTUNE buying snacks at the hotel.  What a great idea. I’ve also been told that you can send packages HOME.  Sometimes, the front desk at the Hotel will do it for you!  I think this is a great idea.  Probably a better chance getting it home than on an airplane.  Just sayin….

I got a new iPhone. I love it.  It is the cheaper $49.00 one, 3GS. I can’t imagine what else it could do!  It’s fun and I’m still learning. The only thing I don’t like is how fast the batteries run down. Of course, I’m doing more on it now than I will in the future, probably. We also got LM an iPod Touch. He likes it. I can’t believe it does everything my phone does, except make calls and “find” internet service.

We have been in a DROUGHT for a long time. We’ve been under a burn ban for a few months. No burning trash (which we do and are allowed to do here in our part of the country), or charcoal outside.  We could use the gas grill, but nothing else. Our last SIGNIFICANT rainfall was in JULY.  Well, Guess what??  IT’S RAINING!!!  I can’t remember the last time it rained this hard. It is GLORIOUS!!!!  Today it’s a little stormy and raining hard.  I LOVE IT!!  We sure needed it, our garden was looking like the dust bowl.

We had severe hail the other night and hardly any rain. 

Well, I will be in Orlando on the 2nd of May. Maybe the next time you see me, I will be telling you about our FANTASTIC plane trip experience. Or the LOVELY hotel we are staying in or pics of the Great pool…..I CAN’T WAIT!  I hope I don’t bore you all too much and I really am not bragging, it’s been a long time since I have had a vacation like this and maybe my last, so I hope you are happy for me and live vicariously through me!!!

If you’ve missed me, comment and tell me!!  You can tell me here or on my Facebook page!

I hope you all have a fantabulous week!!!

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New post on the Homeschool page…here

Speaking of, the Drama Class has been preparing/rehearsing for their play this year. LM was supposed to be “Props” a man in the play & A dancing munchkin.  He has been learning lines (just a few) and figuring out what he will wear.  It was scheduled tentatively for May 12th. Well, I just found out it will be May 5.  We are going on vacation from May 2nd-7th.  AHHGGGG!!!     He says he wants to be “sick”  that day or that he doesn’t want to do it, but so far he’s having fun. He is out fishing with his dad right now, but I think he will be disappointed when he finds out.  Me?  I want to cry. I was looking forward to it and I feel for him.

Hey, I’ve been doing a little experiment.  Our gas prices are up to $3.49 a gal here in Oklahoma.  I have told you before that we live in the boonies. We travel 23 miles one way to Wal-mart, 15 to the closest grocery store. So we are trying to run all of our errands in a day, …or two and not make unecessary trips.  Well, I have been watching my MPG.  I drive a Buick LeSabre and it is pretty good on gas.  I have found that if I pull away from a stop sign and keep my RPM’s under 2, it saves me about 2-4 mpg. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when I see that my car is averaging about 24.5 MPG when I have a heavy foot vs. 27-28 when I pay attention, I think it’s a lot. Try it, it makes me feel good.

My azalea’s are blooming. And I have just a few lilacs. Most of my lilacs have died but there are a few struggling.  It has been cold this week, but warmed up yesterday. 

We are in a severe drought and the wind and temp are going to be high today and tomorrow. Which means extreme fire danger. A couple of week ago, there were some terrible fires not far from here.  Several (about 30) structures, including houses, burned.  They found out that someone set those fires.  With the wind and drought, they go up FAST. Who could do such a thing?? 

Well, have a happy week…



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