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Update:  My Kraut didn’t have water coming over the top like I think it should have so I just dissolved some kosher salt in water to make some “brine”…I poured it over the top.  Also, I decided to put the plate  (board) on top of the Kraut, then the weight (jar of water) and then the towel. I read somewhere that if the kraut is too salty, you can rinse it before you can/cook it/eat it.—If  you have any questions, please feel free to comment here. 

 Here is a website that has some good info. Her recipe is for “Bohemian Kraut”…(Cabbage, onions & Caraway seeds)

Have you ever made Sauerkraut?

We have but it was several years ago. It turned out really good and we canned several pints. I made more today…this is how I did it.  We have 2 crocks, a 5 gal one and a 3 gal one.

First, my DH (Dear Husband) planted cabbages, but you can buy them at the store…they may be at the Farmer’s market this time of year. He let them grow and grow…here is what he picked…

(In the blog I mentioned earlier…she said to let the cabbage sit for three days after you pick it, otherwise it will have too much water…well, I had hardly ANY water…so I will continue to use it on the day it’s picked).

Then we pulled the outer leaves (looks like grocery store cabbage now!)

Then we started cutting into thin strips…layering and salting…oh yeah, you need to “smash” each layer, I used a potato smasher.

When you are about 3-5″ from the top of the crock, salt and smash. Then you lay a Kitchen towel or some kind of cloth over it, then a plate (we bought a board with the crock) to keep it smashed and a jar of water (weight)or a rock or something to keep it under what water will be bubbling up.(See update..I changed the orderof plate, weight, cloth).

Check it every couple of days to make sure it isn’t bubbling over the top and if it has “scum” on it, just skim it off…IT’S STILL GOOD!!  Change to a clean towel if you need to.

Put in a dry, cool, dark place. They say to let ferment for a week to a month….depending on how crunchy, less stong (smaller amount of time)to softer, stronger taste, (longer amount of time)

I will post again when I can it in a few weeks. I plan to use some 1/2 pint jars for a quick sandwich or hot dog…pint jars for sauerkraut and weenies…

Let me know if you try it!!


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Hi!  Well, wouldn’t you know, today I’m in the mood to write, but can’t think of anything to write about.

How are your garden’s doing?  My husband’s is looking GREAT. We have eaten asparagus, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes and cabbage & strawberries thus far. I say my HUSBAND’s garden, but really, I am working in it more this year than in the past. I’ve always said, he plants and takes care of it and then I can and freeze when it comes in the house…

Do you preserve stuff from your garden for the winter? I do. My sister does, but I don’t know many other people who do.  I have frozen Peas and Broccoli so far this year (in vacuum bags).  In a month or so I will be very busy canning tomatoes and green beans.  I will also be making Sauerkraut in a week or so. I’ll can it if I have enough.

I have even planted and revamped my flower gardens this year.  2 years ago I had tennis elbow in the spring and just couldn’t do anything and last year it got HOT really quickly so they were looking pretty awful. Well, since I had no GOOD excuse this year, I HAD to do something!  I am very pleased with the way they are looking.

Do you remember me talking about the Water Balloon fight we had last year on Father’s Day?  You can see some pics here. We’ve decided to do it again this year, we are calling it the “2nd Water Balloon Extravaganza”!  My birthday is June 19th and Father’s Day is always the Sunday before. We have invited our kids and grandkids.  We all had a lot of fun last year!

We used to have a big July 4th party, but it’s been so stinkin hot the last few years, we decided last year we would do something in June instead.  It ended up being about 105 degrees.  Oh well, it wast JUST RIGHT for a water balloon fight! One of my grandsons said, “It was the best party EVER”! I think that was because he got to throw water balloons at mom, dad, cousins and sister, aunt, uncles and grandma & grandpa.

Caleb and I are going to try out a new water park. It is called Andy’s Alligator.  We have plans to buy season passes to White Water Bay, but now we’re not sure.  Have you all been? The one in Norman, OK just opened this month.

Hope you are all safe from the storms last night in Oklahoma.  We barely got a thing, but the metro had very LARGE hail and VERY HIGH winds.  Lots of power outages. We need rain, but not the damage!

Are you all bored to tears now?? DID you get to the end? WHEW! Thanks for sticking with me.

Have a great WEEK!!

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Wow, let’s see if I can remember how to do this.  I DID remember my username and password!  I wasn’t sure I would! YEA!!! I thought Jonna may be tired of her picture being on the front page.  🙂

We have had so much going on but nothing to interesting to write about.

We got a kitten and named her Dolly. 

She is very sweet and affectionate to the dismay of DH. 

 He wants a cat for a “mouser”–NOT a pet!  It’s funny when she climbs on his lap for a rub. 

Weather has cooled down…that’s the best thing that has happened in a while. We’ve had a little rain, but not near as much as we need, in fact we are in a HIGH RISK fire danger today and tomorrow.  Wednesday we may get rain and much cooler temps for a few days. Week end looks BEAUTIFUL!

My husband has kept some of the garden alive, we are still picking squash, okra, watermelon and tomatoes.  We didn’t get any squash this summer, but now they are producing.  Might have frost this week so it will pretty much be history after that.  Oh, I dried some Basil yesterday, too.  Amazing how 5 dehydrator trays make 1- 2 cups of dried basil. 

I made a BIG pot roast last week and after 1 leftover meal, we decided to freeze small portions with gravy (Brown package type) and put into vacuum bags. I think my DH (Dear Husband) will enjoy these with leftover potatoes and bread for those cold blustery days he doesn’t want to go get lunch on work days.

We tried the Bertolli Soup that’s found in the Frozen section of the grocery store the other night. It is really good. I will add some veggies and maybe lentils the next time we eat it.  It is a really fast and easy dinner.  A little garlic bread on the side and voila…dinner. this was the best “pre-made” soup I’ve ever tried.

  Have you seen PINTEREST?  My sister invited me. It looks like fun, but I’m still figuring it out.  I tried to put the app on my iphone, but it’s not working very well.  It always says that I am “timed out”…what’s up with that?   

Speaking of iPhones…have you tried the games…Words with Friends or Hanging, what about Crossfingers or Unblock Me.

 They are alot of fun!  Let me know if you like tham. 

Want to play a game with me?  Comment or send me an email.

Did I tell you I am teaching a Holocaust History Class?   I’ve never taught High School students, but I think it’s going okay. We all are learning.

Homeschooling my son is going good. He’s a great student and learns pretty fast. 

Well, that’s all for now.  Hope to see you soon, but I can’t promise anything!

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Have you ever tried Iced Coffee?  I can’t drink coffee in the summer because it makes me SO HOT.  I’ve been telling my husband I want a “morning drink”.  Well, Pioneer Woman had this recipe for iced coffee the other day so I thought I would try it.  I cut it in half.  The first day I tried it, it seemed very bitter. Today I added some water and whole milk and sugar. It’s pretty good. I used Folgers Decaf and about 1/3 Gevalia traditional roast.   I think I can get used to it and the great thing is, it is already made and in the fridge. All you do is mix the milk and sugar in it. Oh yeah, and ICE.

Did I tell you I got stung by a wasp a few weeks ago?  It was not a good reaction.  It kept spreading…all around my foot and then I got a really bad lung congestion thing for about a week and then it went to my head, like a head cold. I don’t know if it was coincidence or if it really had something to do with the sting but I’m all better now. I know you are so happy to hear this!!

We have had a 4th of July party with our kids and family several years. But it started getting so stinkin’ hot that we haven’t done it lately, well, last year we did and it rained all day.  So…this year we decided to have a Father’s Day/Birthday party.  We were thinking we may beat the heat by a couple of weeks. HA! I just heard that it is supposed to be 101 on Saturday.  I guess instead of a cook out we’ll have an “eat in”.


 ” WHO’S BIRTHDAY”??   (apostrophe??)

I heard you ask….. 


 (My sister just reminded me that it is also Garfield, the cat’s b-day   B: 1978)

 My “bonus” daughter’s is also June 29.  Mine is not a significant one, but HERS IS. I won’t tell you how old she will be,

 but let’s just say it makes ME feel old!  🙂  She’s 9 years younger than I am.

Remember “Father of the Bride, PT 2”?  We were both pregnant when that came out.  GREAT Movie!

MORE good news!!!  My sister, niece and (1 of my) GREAT nieces are coming to visit me!! They live in Arkansas. I’m sooo happy. I go visit them about 2-3 times a year but they don’t come here very often. Lori, my sister, usually tries at least once a year, but doesn’t always make it.  They have jobs and school and stuff. We will get to see my other sister, maybe another niece and nephew with their families and my “bonus” mom.  LM is excited, too. My great-niece and he are very good buds and about 1 year apart in age.

Our garden is looking really good.  We have lots of tomatoes on the vine, so I guess you all know what I will be doing this summer…CANNING tomatoes & green beans….freezing corn, bell peppers.  If we have enough Cabbage I will attempt sauerkraut. I have made it before and it was good. We’ve already been eating onions, peas, potatoes, broccoli & cherry tomatoes.

We are going to WHITE WATER this week!!  Caleb and I have gone every summer since he was about 3 years old. We had season passes for a couple of years but with the price of gas, we can only go a couple of times a year these days…. Whitewater is expensive but we have a good friend that got us some discounted tickets.   Thanks Cyndi!! 

Well, I hope you all have a GREAT Father’s Day…to your husbands, dads, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, friends…..It is a bitter sweet day for me. I miss my Dad terribly, but I’m so thankful to have a husband that is such a wonderful dad.   (am I supposed to put an apostrophe with dads, husbands…..???)

Have a great week end! Stay cool! Drink lots of water!!

By the way…you are WELCOME to comment and tell me Happy Birthday!! I would love to hear from you!!   😉


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This week-end was great and busy.

LM & DH cut some trees so the garden could get more sun.  Hopefully this will make our garden more abundant this year. We are planning to store a lot of veggies this summer. It will help on our grocery bill next winter. With the way prices are soaring right now, I think we will need it!!  Also, the wood will be great to cut down on electricity bills next winter, too. We have a wood stove and I love it!   Here is a post about the last time we, he cut wood.

LM is pretty sore from all the wood lifting…he thinks he’s getting some “guns”…(muscles).  DH says he really helped a lot and even made some money.  Have any of you looked forward to the day your children can help out with chores??  We have and it’s finally here!!  He seems to really like working, I think it makes him feel “useful” or “grown up”.

A wood stove sure makes those winter nights cozy!
We went to a memorial service..Remember me talking about DH’s great-aunt that was born in a blizzard and died 95 years later IN A BLIZZARD?  Well, they FINALLY had her memorial service.  LM felt pretty out-of-place, but he did real good. Hey, I felt out-of-place.  I’ve been married to DH for almost 20 years and have seen these relatives about 4 times…maybe 6.  But they are nice and it was good for DH to see some of his cousins and relatives. Fun to hear about the old days…even if they weren’t MY old days.  🙂  At the service, her granddaughter was telling us that Nonie was a very hard worker, lived on a dairy farm and helped her husband milk cows, clean milk cans, plus, she cooked and sewed and gardened…but what I got out of the service was that she LOVED.  I guess she went out of her way to show her grandchildren/family how much she loved them.  They said not only did she LOVE, but she FOUND ways to love them…I don’t know if this explains what I feel, but I have decided I’m going to try to do that more.  I would love for my grandchildren, son & family to remember me that way. She must have been a GREAT example of the Proverbs 31:10 woman.
I was able to go out to dinner and a play with the girls.  My “Bonus” daughter, Heather &  (MY 15 yr old granddaughter) & I went to dinner. Then we went to a High School play, “Grease”. My (almost 14-yr old granddaughter) Aidan, was in it.  (She’s in the 8th grade, but they let the middle school audition, they had four 8th grade girls in it). They did a great job.  My granddaughter looked beautiful on stage.  I think she will probably pursue this play stuff, at least in school. 
Both granddaughters like to sing. Aubrie goes to competitions and she has done very well!  (If you read this post about Heather, her mom, you will know why…. she also sings).  It was a really long Saturday, especially for someone who usually “Shabbats” on Saturdays, but it was fun.
LM went to his first birthday party that wasn’t a relative’s, or one that I wasn’t there with him. There were about 5-6 boys there and they were all older than him, but I think they had a good time.  It was a “Video Game” party. They all brought games and Wii controllers.  I guess they had snacks, Pizza and a little flag football and flashlight tag.  DH took him and picked him up.  That was weird for me, since I usually do that kind of thing.  But I had already made plans for the play.
We gave his friend money for his b-day, that’s what he wanted.  But a couple years ago, LM got a gift bag that said, “Pull this” or something.  When you start pulling, there are $1.00 bills taped end to end.  You keep pulling and money keeps coming.  We did this for LM’s friend and he loved it.  Everyone else gave him a card with money in it, but this was more fun. And do you know what $20 looks like in 1 dollar bills end to end??  It looks like a lot.  We also added 1- $2. bill to the end of it.  I did it for LM last year and added a couple of gift cards  and other denominations to it..a $5 and $10. bill to the “line”.
Well, that’s a  look at MY week-end…tell me about YOURS….I NEED comments…it’s what keeps me going!!!

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We cut down the trees for a reason…not just firewood. These are in the way for good sunshine on the garden, We realized to our dismay this year. There are almost always smaller trees that will start growing once we have cut these.

I just thought I’d share some of these

pictures…I think cut wood is pretty.

Am I weird?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I just realized..I have a blog friend that’s husband is an electrician…but is a lumberjack wanna be…I think is how she words it. Anyway, my husband has a day job, but he can be a lumberjack when he needs to be.

Right Taylor-?? 

 (Go read some of hers…it’s good).

Just a gloomy, woodcutting day in our household.

Oh my husband is off work this week because of the late night bowl games this week.  He opted for this instead of last week….do you think he’s a college football fan???

And by the way…GO HOGS!!! 

Arkansas plays in the Sugar Bowl tonight

 (Tues-4th) against Ohio St. (I think).

See ya.


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Sun Dried Tomatoes

Check out my Sun Dried Tomato Recipe  here.

Go from this….


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