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Update:  My Kraut didn’t have water coming over the top like I think it should have so I just dissolved some kosher salt in water to make some “brine”…I poured it over the top.  Also, I decided to put the plate  (board) on top of the Kraut, then the weight (jar of water) and then the towel. I read somewhere that if the kraut is too salty, you can rinse it before you can/cook it/eat it.—If  you have any questions, please feel free to comment here. 

 Here is a website that has some good info. Her recipe is for “Bohemian Kraut”…(Cabbage, onions & Caraway seeds)

Have you ever made Sauerkraut?

We have but it was several years ago. It turned out really good and we canned several pints. I made more today…this is how I did it.  We have 2 crocks, a 5 gal one and a 3 gal one.

First, my DH (Dear Husband) planted cabbages, but you can buy them at the store…they may be at the Farmer’s market this time of year. He let them grow and grow…here is what he picked…

(In the blog I mentioned earlier…she said to let the cabbage sit for three days after you pick it, otherwise it will have too much water…well, I had hardly ANY water…so I will continue to use it on the day it’s picked).

Then we pulled the outer leaves (looks like grocery store cabbage now!)

Then we started cutting into thin strips…layering and salting…oh yeah, you need to “smash” each layer, I used a potato smasher.

When you are about 3-5″ from the top of the crock, salt and smash. Then you lay a Kitchen towel or some kind of cloth over it, then a plate (we bought a board with the crock) to keep it smashed and a jar of water (weight)or a rock or something to keep it under what water will be bubbling up.(See update..I changed the orderof plate, weight, cloth).

Check it every couple of days to make sure it isn’t bubbling over the top and if it has “scum” on it, just skim it off…IT’S STILL GOOD!!  Change to a clean towel if you need to.

Put in a dry, cool, dark place. They say to let ferment for a week to a month….depending on how crunchy, less stong (smaller amount of time)to softer, stronger taste, (longer amount of time)

I will post again when I can it in a few weeks. I plan to use some 1/2 pint jars for a quick sandwich or hot dog…pint jars for sauerkraut and weenies…

Let me know if you try it!!


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